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Whiskey Flats Trading Company

Welcome and Thanks for stopping by!!!!  Whiskey Flats Trading was started  to generate a return to simpler times and a desire to make more healthy choices.  Our professional lives have exposed us to healthcare choices as well as the minimal standards for food grade and rural and residential water supplies.  These standards for safety to the consumer are LOW, and frightening.  So that led to some changes in our personal lives such as food from a garden, canning some foods (pickles and jalapeños being favorites). So we have spent some time researching natural "living" products and offering those products to you.   

As a nurse I work with doctors all the time whose best advice is "If it comes out of a plant (manufacturing) don't eat it, if it's from a plant or a tree,  then eat it"!  This holds true for products we use every day and put on our bodies as well.  Soaps, Lotions, products we can choose as natural alternatives to help ease headache pain, or naturally prevent germs or bacteria and fungus from spreading.  Healthy and natural ways to boost our moods and improve our focus.  Healthy Choices are Important!!!

Thus was the humble beginnings of Whiskey Flats Trading Company being so named because we are located where the Ozark Shelf meets the Great Plains of this enchanted and beautiful country that we live in. When the first brave men and women left the colonies and began what had to be their epic trip westward, they all depended on several things; good livestock, good weather , a guide with a brain and of course the trading posts that were spread out along the various routes, where they could buy or trade for the staples that they needed to finish their journey. Everyone involved with Whiskey Flats is committed to bringing you the best natural products that we can find and or make. Be sure and check out the blog as we will be adding more products very soon.  If you have a suggestion send us an email. [email protected]

Please have a look at our selection of soaps , lotions, essential and beard oils, sugar scrubs, bath salt and bath bombs, our products are natural and artisan (95% natural), handcrafted, mixed, poured, cut, and  packaged in small batch quantities.
We produce products made from sustainable resources and we reuse anything we can from shipments that we receive. Every little bit that each one of us does will help our children and hopefully their children to improve and maintain healthy bodies, minds, and our environment. 

The benefits of our naturally scented soaps from pure essential oils, natural pigments for color and clays from the earth have qualities to improve your mood, focus, alleviate stress and tension, provide natural anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and improve and maintain healthy skin and overall wellness!!!  Check out our product descriptions and blogs for more great product information.  We look forward to sharing our products with you and your family.  Please share our website with your friends and family and leave product reviews!!!! You, our customers help us grow and we appreciate each and every one of you!!!!! 

Better Living, Naturally