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Posted by Marie Prevatt, owner on 7/22/2018 to Featured Products
Our signature soap is a custom recipe for Mechanix Bars.  This bar is great for cleaning your hands and forearms after working around the house, working on your auto or working in the garden.  It removes grease, oil, and dirt easily as a result of orange oil and exfoliants. Several of our local mechanics shops Love our Mechanix Bars!!

Exfoliation products are GREAT for elbows, knees, feet, hands.  Lets talk about exfoliants. 

Exfoliants are natural additives which give the bars a rough texture.  They can provide mild to moderate exfoliation.
Our Mechanix bars contain walnut shell and pumice.  You can see the exfoliants in this bar. 
So in addition to our great lather, some of our soaps help exfoliate which is what keeps your skin soft and healthy.  Removal of dead skin layers is necessary to revitalize our skin.  In addition to our Mechanix bars, we have our signature Lemongrass bar with natural organic lemongrass pieces that provides moderate exfoliation and has natural antifungal properties from the Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Our Rosemary Peppermint bars have real peppermint leaves for mild exfoliation.  I use this in one of my facial bars every morning.  Great lather, clean rinse, no residue or filmy feeling.  With the wonderful added bonus of a burst of Peppermint for increased energy and focus.  This is a feel good bar!!!!

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